The best partnerships go beyond capital

pePartners is the first platform of curated capital partners and advisors dedicated to helping founders and owners achieve enduring value and better outcomes.

The first curated capital platform—built from the ground up—to serve the needs of business founders and owners who want to grow or exit.

Our Difference

Founders and owners first.

Our platform is designed to put your needs first with a focus on win-win outcomes and enduring value.

The right solution.

Backed by proprietary technology, we connect founders and owners with experienced capital partners.

The best of the best.

Every member of our network is carefully vetted and continually assessed to create an environment of trust and integrity.

A hub for long-term value.

We do much more than just drive transactions. Our platform is a thoughtfully curated network that helps businesses grow and thrive.

How Does It Work?


    If your business is selected, we offer you no-fee, open access to the trusted capital partners in our network.


    Founders and owners can access advice from a community of trusted and objective advisors, but ultimately they control when and if to connect with capital partners in the network.


    Members of our community gain access to tools, information, and resources in addition to access to our curated network of partners and advisors.


    We provide an easier, more strategic path to access capital. To start the application process, drop us a line with your name, website, and email.

What Our Members Are Saying

“My management team and I were impressed with the depth and breadth of pePartners’ grasp of our business model, and their ability to quickly add incremental value through their strategic insights.”

— C. S., CEO, member manufacturing company

“pePartners worked closely with us in preparation for our discussion with investors and added tremendous value throughout the process. Their experienced team offers a diverse perspective, a pragmatic approach, and was a pleasure to work with.”

— C. W., Executive, member technology company

“pePartners’ owner-centric approach to growth capital is the first of its kind; and I’ve already recommended them to others. Their model delivers a trustworthy, innovative, and effective solution for owners who want to grow or exit their company.”

— T. S., CEO, member pharmaceutical company

“I’ve been impressed with pePartners’ management team’s diverse perspective and intelligent yet commonsense approach to maximizing growth and value for all parties. I’ve found their member network to be carefully vetted, conveying an environment of trust and integrity focused on much more than just driving the transaction.”

— L. W., board member, two member companies