Beyond Capital: The pePartners Story

pePartners launched in early 2015 to solve a long-standing challenge for business founders and owners looking to grow or exit their companies.

In discussions with owners that spanned more than a year, we found a significant majority desired an easier and more efficient path to source the right venture capital and private equity investors for their businesses.   These owners knew what they wanted in an equity partner:

  • Excellence and knowledge or expertise in the company’s industry
  • Trust and integrity
  • Partnership with a firm that brought more than just capital to the table

We knew capital partners with these qualities.  We also knew these same equity partners were looking for viable businesses they could invest in and partner with.  We realized that we could create a more efficient process for matching and cultivating a relationship between strong companies and exceptional capital partners.

pePartners was born.

Our business model is simple. Using both art and science, we connect founders and owners with experienced capital partners based on shared needs and vision. By limiting the number of participants according to specific qualities and characteristics and standards, pePartners has developed a formula for win-win outcomes and long-term value creation.

A Better Way

We have found a better way for companies that want an equity partner to help grow or exit.  Here’s how it works:

  • We put the needs of founders and owners first. Whether running fast-growing startups or late-cycle businesses, the owners we talked to were concerned that intermediaries (e.g. brokers) did not always have their companies’ best interests in mind and were, in most cases, focused solely on the transactionpePartners puts the needs of owners first.
  • We offer our services with no fees, no commitments, and no risks.Companies should not have to pay an intermediary or be locked into an exclusive relationship to find a capital partner. We’ve created a more efficient model for businesses seeking capital, eliminating both fees and commitments.
  • We are long-term value focused. Our model emphasizes strategic resources that capital partners bring to the table beyond just capital. In many cases, these ingredients and strategic insights prove more valuable than the capital itself. Instead of being deal focused, pePartners is long-term value focused.
  • We choose the best of the best. pePartners is selective.  We work with a curated group of capital partners that have the qualities and characteristics companies are looking for: excellence, expertise, integrity, and a partnership focus.
  • We make it easy. Culture and relationships will always be central to what we do; however, technology plays an important role, too.  Simply, our proprietary technology can more efficiently connect companies with the right capital partners.
  • We serve as an advisory hub.Our trusted community of objective advisors provides valuable services to our members, including pre-sale due diligence, valuation advice, legal counsel, and marketing strategy.

The Bottom Line

pePartners is the first platform of curated capital partners and advisors dedicated to helping founders and owners achieve enduring value and win-win outcomes. 

We believe the best partnerships go beyond capital.  We specialize in finding the best advisors and capital partners that align with your needs and objectives.  We make your job easier.  Interested in learning more?  You’re welcome to drop us a line at


Martin M. Myers is managing partner and founder of Saint Louis-based pePartners.Martin’s 25 years of experience includes executive and management level positions at both startups and top-tier financial institutions, as well as a client roster of leading global private equity firms. For additional information, contact him at or follow him on Twitter at @martinmmyers.

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